Summer Music Practise- looking for motivation?

In a time of heatwaves and a few weeks hiatus from work/school/Uni, a number of students have admitted their practise has been lacking entirely and they are knowingly avoiding their instrument in summer months like it is a purely termly commitment.


There could be many reasons. Here are 5 probable contenders:

  1. You enjoy playing well when you have learned a piece well, but starting something new (or re-starting something half-started) has waned your interest and the more you procrastinate, the more you procrastinate!
  2. Your approach to your instrument is that it is a ‘chore’ currently, whether you care to admit it or not, you are not excited to ‘play’ as the verb implies.
  3. Fear of failure and/or disappointment in yourself when making mistakes has caused a catch-22 ‘well I just won’t bother then’ attitude which means you expect perfectionism or nothing. (This hasn’t worked well for you so far).
  4. You have been treating your lessons as your practise time (therefore when you quit lessons during summer months, the practise has also inherently stopped).
  5. You are tired of practising the way you do- you genuinely need inspiration to make it as exciting again as that first time you began.

So will it be ‘one day’ again or ‘day one’ today?

I have such a plethora of music practising techniques, one blog won’t even scrape the top layer. (But a long blog won’t help anyway, if all you do is scroll, nod and get on with the rest of your day, dismissing what you just read).

You need accountability, assistance identifying your strengths, weaknesses and setting manageable learning objectives appropriate for your personal level, time-frame and interests. It is not a one size fits all. It should never be! If you have read on a DIY book or a software app advertising ‘how to learn piano in 10 days’ it is all lies. Don’t listen to liars.

If you want help, ask. Commit to regular weekly lessons. You will have the opportunity to select your own repertoire of music you love with help and guidance for what is achievable for your current level. I will encourage and assist you in discovering your creative expression. However, I cannot do it for you.

I want to have a first-row seat at your next public performance. I know you can surpass your wildest dreams and make them happen. You can learn to play your friend’s favourite song at their wedding, re-write ‘Happy Birthday’ for your Granny’s surprise party, amaze your partner with an impromptu serenade on your anniversary, write a lullaby for your niece… Whatever your goal may be. BUT nobody can do that for you, especially as you walk past your now dust-coated instrument if all you say is ‘I need to… one day.’

Seize it today. If not, please for your own sake, reassess why you torture yourself with procrastination, avoidance, guilt, pity, perfectionism or whatever it is that is holding you back. You only have one go at life. Enjoy it for YOU.

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