Looking for ‘spring’?

Are you looking for some ‘spring’ in your step this Spring season? You aren’t alone!

It could have been a regular Saturday morning this weekend. Except it wasn’t. My music students worked solidly over the past few seasons on their instruments and were now being examined. After a year’s online lessons navigating technical, sound and connection matters, they were ready for whatever this day could throw at them!

The assessment environment included transparent screens, hand sanitiser, face-mask coverings, a fragrant scent of floor cleaner and anti-bac, open windows and greater distancing measures.

I am honoured to coach these students. My particular encouragement from these enthusiastic exam entrants was their evident ‘get up and go,’ despite this year’s limitations. They are well on their journey to musical mastery. This journey does require dedication, patience, practise and grit. It encouraged me that when all is said and done, music brings us together, releasing rhythms and melodies of hope and light. And when there is nothing else to say, the music speaks for itself.

A Cherry Blossom tree in the garden caught my eye. It was beginning to blossom. Pink petals, coupled with birdsong, reignited hope. Spring is here, so too is hope. Hope is springing along too and I think it wants to be found! I for one have never felt so glad to see Spring so much as this year! Keep your senses open to Spring and I am certain you will soon find a ‘spring’ in your step again too. There are motivators around us when we take a closer inspection.😊

One reply to “Looking for ‘spring’?

  1. Great blog post, the contrast of the seasons possess their own inspiration. Life, the unmanifested energy behind all that is beckons us to not be too distracted by the manifested as “His purposes will ripen fast Unfolding every hour The bud may have a bitter taste But sweet will be the flower” So to in music as the toil of practice leads to an authentic expression of personal harmonious achievement.


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