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Why choose me?

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself to you. I’m Suzanne Manly and I give private piano, drum kit and percussion lessons in Portadown. I also teach music theory and will be expanding to offer ukulele lessons from September!

Why choose me as your preferred music tutor?

I graduated with a Music Education degree and performance diploma, studying piano and drum kit. I performed in a variety of music groups, bands and orchestras from a young age. (BEd DipLCM MISM).

My teaching experiences include teaching as a classroom teacher and music teacher in primary, secondary, inclusive, mainstream and international schools. I am trained in Child Protection.

I personally tailor every lesson to each student’s unique interests and abilities. I encourage pupils to explore their instruments to express their personal musical and rhythmical language. Every lesson will have different focus with guidance notes given for specific practise areas.

I teach young children, teenagers and adults. Students can complete performance awards in music as well as playing music purely for fun! I maintain a 100% pass rate for all externally assessed music exams, awarded by London College of Music (West London University).

If you would like to find out more about my business and teaching style, please check out my Business Facebook Page ‘SM Music Tuition.’ If you would like me to get in contact with you, please send your details via my website, privately below.

Are you a keen Instagram user or music enthusiast? Follow me at: smmusictutor.

*May your day be upbeat and melodious!*

My Teaching Objectives:

  • Inclusive, multi-disciplinary learning opportunities.
  • Encourage critical thinking and listening skills.
  • Provide opportunities to take inspiration from musicians of a variety of styles and genres.
  • Create a relaxed environment so creativity can flow naturally.
  • Outline the language of music and how it is made up.
  • Give guidance for practising- how we can sound better!
  • Encourage pupils to achieve their own personal best.
  • Embrace what makes our musical journey better and letting go of fear of failure.

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Piano Pedals – Left and Middle

Left Piano Pedal ‘una corda’ What does the left pedal do on a piano? A grand piano shifts the hammers to the right side of the strings so that instead of hitting three strings, the hammers hit only two strings, making the sound quieter. On an upright piano, the una corda pedal moves the hammers […]

All about that Bass (drum pedal!)

Make sure your foot is set flat against the foot-board when using the heel-down technique. The closer your toe is towards the accelerator chain the better control you will have. Keeping your heel down, lift the front of your foot to release the bass drum pedal gently ensuring the bass drum mallet doesn’t swing too […]

Pedal Power!

How can we ‘up our game’ with pedalling? FOCUS: The Piano’s Sustained/Damper pedal (right pedal) Pedal technique is something that requires consideration and careful decision making- where and how to apply it to the piano music. What does the sustain pedal do? The sustain pedal lifts the dampers off the strings so the strings vibrate […]

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