Music to suit you

Personally tailored lessons to each student’s unique interests and abilities ensure bespoke learning. Regardless if you are young or old, complete beginner or more experienced, you can confidently book music lessons. Each lesson has different focus and guidance notes given.

Experienced teaching allows you to relax knowing you are in safe hands. My music performance and school teaching career provided experience in music industry and education settings. I taught in primary, secondary and international schools! (BEdMus DipLCM MISM)

Are you interested in attaining performance awards in music? 100% pass rate is maintained for all externally assessed music exams, awarded and certified by West London University.

I’m sure you will agree, having fun is just as important as awards for success. To show you a sneak peek of what you could experience, check out the Business Facebook Page, SM Music Tuition or LinkedIn Suzanne Manly

To get in contact, message privately using the website link below or call 07391 243020

*May your day be upbeat and melodious!*

Teaching Objectives

  • Encouraging you to achieve your own personal best
  • Inclusive, multi-disciplinary learning opportunities
  • Promoting listening skills and independent thinking
  • Sharing inspiration from musicians of diverse styles
  • Developing language and music theory
  • Guiding better practise techniques

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How do you know if you’ve done well in a Piano exam?

I really liked this above summarised answer given by Peter Haime. To add a few more points from my own experience: From Grade 3 and onward you also have to play ‘musically.’ This means playing (during the assessed performance time) with not only accuracy but also demonstrating the mood of the music, displaying emotion and…

Dynamics- crucial in music from the start?

Each musical instrument (including voice) can distribute its dynamics (from quietest to loudest sounds) by various degree but what makes it essential to hear these nuances? We hone our sound. That’s our desire surely, whether it be our hobby or profession as a music player. Not much refinement has occurred for a pleasing sound if…


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