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*RE/ COVID-19* Due to the current legal regulations I teach socially distanced, wearing a face mask and adhering to regular cleaning, room ventilation and staggered lesson slots. I also continue to offer online lessons for both Piano and Drum kit. Please contact me if you are interested in lessons. Thank you.

About Me

Hi! I am Suzanne Manly (BEdMus DipLCM MISM), a specialist Piano and Drum kit teacher based in Portadown.

After graduating in Music and Education at University, I gained teaching experience working in Primary, Special Needs and Secondary Schools within Northern Ireland as well as internationally for 10 years.

Realising my passion to work with students in Piano and Drum kit instruments particularly, I decided to tutor privately, giving personally tailored lessons.

I teach students ranging from young children through to adults. I also offer music theory lessons and revision support. Students complete externally awarded exams in music and play music for their own leisure alongside these, or if preferred.

I believe music learning should be fun and engaging. I encourage pupils to explore their instruments to best express their personal musical and rhythmical language.

My Teaching Objectives

  • Teaching students using an inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Inspiring students to analyse music using critical thinking and listening skills.
  • Providing opportunities to take inspiration from other musicians of various genres, while enjoying making music for our own enjoyment.
  • Creating a relaxed environment where creativity can flow naturally.
  • Outlining the language of music and how it is built.
  • Giving guidance for practising and how pupils can sound better.
  • Encouraging pupils to achieve their own personal best.
  • Embracing what makes our musical journey better and letting go of fear of failure.

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Find me on LinkedIn: Suzanne Manly

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