What’s new for 2022?

Without ignoring the large elephant in the global room that has impacted our life 2020-22, I am making this post an uplifting one!

Firstly,  I am hugely grateful to all who have loyally supported me throughout these past challenging years. To you all- a massive, sincere thank-you!

Last year I started presenting some monthly themes which were received with wide open arms. Simple ideas that sparked enthusiasm with students. In October, I introduced multi-sensory experiences in keeping with an autumnal theme.

November’s colouring competition gave me wonderful insight to just how creative my students really are in more than one art!

December was full of festive, Christmas music and now here we are in January. New year, new initiative. ‘Pupils of the month.’ Who doesn’t love to be acknowledged for hard work and effort, for developing a skill? A simple, small gesture which I hope additionally motivates students throughout 2022. Badges and certificates will be distributed to star students each month this year. Who will be the first stars?

February is not far off (this does feel like a L O N G month!) and with it will be revealed another exciting idea. I will give you a clue- you do not need to go to the cinema to enjoy the movies. I was inspired one late evening driving and listening to Classic FM’s ‘Saturday night at the movies’ playlist. Any John Williams or Hans Zimmer fans? Stay tuned! I am really excited for what my students will produce…

Spring exams are also round the corner. Just 1 full month of lessons before entered pupils will do a performance on their instrument to an assessor from West London College University for externally awarded certificates. I maintain 100% pass rate and an average of high 80s with students entered. I am proud of my students and younger students’ parents for their hard work in supporting these great outcomes.

In the meantime, please do not fret if there appears to be an abhorrent amount of testing and isolating as we battle another ‘outbreak.’ We have proved we are stronger and more resilient than we could imagine and I for one am delighted to have plans B and C (namely zoom lessons and Google Drive for sharing resources!)

If you haven’t yet checked out my Instagram page, please do as I often post free practise suggestions, tips and post stories answering FAQ (@smmusictutor).

Look after yourselves, folks. 😊

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