Music Apps- Drum Beats+

Another app for drummers, this (£4.99) app provides a vast list of simple and complex beats to practise. Built-in speed settings (metronome times) make it easy to slow down or speed up the beats as you like. I use this app on an iPad. There doesn’t appear to be an android version of this one. (More Android Music app reviews to come…)

What it gives:

  • This is a great app for drummers to put a variety of rhythms into practise.
  • Advertised as a metronome app+, it does so much more…
  • It is a recommendable practising app especially for maintaining longer practise sessions keeping a steady beat.
  • The beats are organised into genres (some examples include: pop-rock, R&B, blues, country, electronic, funk rock, heavy metal, jazz, latin jazz, punk, reggae and world beats).
  • There are plenty of beats- 376 to be exact!
  • Additionally, there are basic training examples for various time signatures as well as dynamic rhythms within these beats.
  • You can change the tempo to suit preference (60-185)
  • The ‘favourites’ option means for the beats you like, after tapping a star next to it, they are saved into a favourites folder for safe keeping until next time.

What it lacks:

  • There are no drum scores to match the beats, so visual learners may struggle and it seems such a pity not to be able to read all the beats.
  • Even if you pay £4.99 for the app, there are further restrictions unless you pay more for a pro version (£1.99-£4.99 per month)
^ Pricing for Pro option

Other notes:

There is an extended computer programme version named ‘Drum Beats+ (Rhythm Metronome, Loops & Grooves Machine) available for Mac priced at £14.99 It appears more extensive with organised folders, although I do not own a Mac so haven’t used it myself.

I would recommend this app for any drummer who wants to take practise seriously and develop a wide range of drumbeats in several genres. For those who prefer to read music and see what they are drumming to, however, it is missing drum score.

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