Music Apps- Drumate

The next App ‘shout-out’ is for Drumate. As you may have guessed- it is designed for drummers.

The app focus is on snare drum rudiments so the good news is, even if you haven’t got a full drum set you can practise these rudiments on a snare drum or side drum.

Please note, these practise patterns work most effectively on the aforementioned drums as you need tension for the roll patterns. For techniques such as the paradiddles however, you could practise these on a practice pad (or if you have not yet invested in drum gear, using drumsticks (or failing that- wooden spoons) on a thick catalogue/old phone directory could do for now!

At the time of writing when music shops are closed (cue tears), musicians must make do with what resources we currently have!

The first 6 rudiments ^

You will notice in image above that ads appear in the free version of this app, although they do not tend to cover a lot of content.

A feature I like about this app is that you can use stars (or unclick stars) next to each rudiment in any order. I think this is useful if you want to work your way through the rudiments and can select which patterns you have completed or which ones to focus on, almost like ticking off a to-do-list.

For ease of access universally, there is something to be said for tutors and students downloading the same app on their phone or tablet to work from the same practise aids.

Once you have decided which practise to do, tap on the horizontal banner (showing its number) and it will bring up a new screen. For example, the Triple Ratamacue. You can then adjust tempo setting to slow down or speed up the example as sounded. You can select how many bars to play the demo for as well- useful if you want to set a particular amount of bars for practising.

Modes can be changed as well as rests enabled or disabled.

 The modes ‘up and down’ mean the demo will play the example speeding up and slowing down so you can hear it at full speed or in slow-motion.

Steps is a mode where you can change the pace to your preference or alternatively you can play the mode using ‘constant’ which speaks for itself in playing the example constantly (or until you press stop). 

The + and – buttons are to add or minus the amount of bars to practise or make the tempo speed up or slow down.

There are 39 drum rudiments available (same amount in premium version). The premium version removes ads and gives ‘access to the improved synthesiser.’

Although I have favourite books at home to practise Drum Kit rudiments, this app is a good start to expand speed, agility and strengthen co-ordination between the hands. However, it does not work the feet as the focus is on snare drum.

I like how much you get for the free version and the audio demos make the rhythms more understandable. I like the clarity of the music notes and the simplicity of how to use this app. It also gives a selection of varying degrees of exercise depending on the drummer’s ability.

One thing music apps are not- an alternative to a real teacher to show technique, check posture, give instant feedback and develop practise programmes.

Please note, I get no payment for reviewing music resources. I do this to help develop musicians’ skills. If you found this article useful, please leave feedback. Thanks!

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