Music Travels

Can you hear the intensity?  Feel the magic? Every key pressed down on the piano brings its unique pitch to the melody, the bass and harmonious accompaniment. As the intensity of the dynamics increases, the sound travels with you and carries you along to your anticipated location without delay.

The air smells of patchouli or vanilla and jasmine? Maybe all three. Either way, its fragrance is splendid and cannot be simply named. Your nostrils are filled with this perfume so light, yet rich you cannot help but inhale deeper.

Stepping out of your ethereal ego, tiptoe gently into a magical world where the senses are amplified.

The ears hear only positive sounds, delicate ascending passages and the most striking chord progressions ever played in sequence. You wonder how you never heard this music before and yet the perfect time to hear it is now. Now that your attention is focused and your thoughts are at ease.

The eyes adjust to the calming lumens of splendour as the ivory candle flames flicker like well-choreographed ballet dancers, the flames glow and bend equally in unison.

It is a dream, yes, but we should never stop dreaming.

Where will music transport you to today?

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